Doin’ our bit for the Huon

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At Rude Boy we love our local makers, creators & their communities, and given the disastrous fires that have ravaged the Huon Valley and many of our most precious wild regions we wanted to give back in the best Rude Boy fashion.

Rohan & Campbell have both made it to the regional finals of The Perfect Blend competition, and to celebrate World Bartender Day on the 24th of February we’re donating $3 from every one of their cocktails sold for TWO WEEKS to charities supporting those affected by the fires.

10th - 24th of February



Rohan’s A Town Called Plum

Boozy and complex, A town called plum brings together spicy Jim Beam Rye whiskey, sweet & fruity Plum Pisco and Courvoisier Cognac, bound together by our very own wasteless vanilla and anise quinquina.



Campbell’s Fresh & Crispy Beets

A complex + refreshing frizzante number focused around Jim Beam Rye, beetroot, honey & sparkling wine. Perfect for a late summer evening.



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