Welcome to Rude Boy.  

Inspired by our founder’s Cuban adventure, Rude Boy is two quarts Cuban passion, one quart Rastafarian coolness and a generous dash (or two) of rude boy boldness; we’re bringing the essence of the Caribbean to you.

So, who were the rude boys and gals?

Imagine 1960s Jamaica. Poverty and unemployment are widespread. Influenced by the sounds of the rising ska and rock-steady music scene, discontented youths retaliate as gangsters and thugs-for-hire; employed by sound system operators to cause havoc in rival dancehall gatherings. 

In defiance of their drab circumstances, these kids donned slick garb. Dressed in suits, ties, hats and shiny shoes, the rude boy rebels made being bad look good. So good, in fact, that rude boy subculture spread from the slums of Kingston all the way to London, where both mods and rockers embraced the cool, anti-establishment vibe. The music and attire may have evolved, but the underlying spirit of passion, nonconformity, and urban grit makes the quintessential rude boy.

This little Caribbean haven is a testament to our passion for what we do best. We can give you a tour through our Rude Boy cocktails all the way into the depths of our hefty back bar. Let us whip you up a cheeky piña colada and take you on a journey through the dark and stormy history of the Caribbean’s signature spirit: rum.